Thursday, July 14, 2011


(sweating till my shirt get wet)

I am speechless when time flies really fast and i am getting lazier day by day. I felt so unproductive despite my routine of eating KFC. Suddenly, I realised I am FAT. Truly FAT. I have lots of projects in hand which greedily wanted to let them lauch at one go (I was thinking I am capable of doing it) but as I've so called 'delay' attitude the spirit and eagerness of seeing myself up on the business lane fadded as time goes by. I know I'm capable of do it, i just need some inject to keep going.

Its July, another 4 months to go in simple mathematic. But its actually less than that when me is still me. Gosh! i to change because for things to change I must change first tho. I know am ambitious enough bt having dreams and keep it inside would not bring me anywhere. I'll be only standing at the same place years ahead.

Please dilla, do not procastinate. You know you are great!

(Yess! I am)

Insyaallah ~