Friday, October 14, 2011

in 4 weeks down the road


its exactly another 4 weeks to go. I am totally nervous and hardly sleep at night. I wonder whether these are norm things happen to bride-to-be. Well well well, I seconder those opinion that marriage preparations incurred much money that we ever imagine of. Am totally agreed yo!! Everything is MONEY and everything needs MONEY to pay-off!

Perhaps, i still need to act cool so that i won't be the most stressfull bride during my big day, hopefully. So let's talk about the preparations. 

1. Lynda Rahim - this coming Saturday, fitting baju at Lynda's place
2. Iqram Ismail - confirmed on the date and time - yesterday
3. CST - finalizing the scene & theme - will shoot next week (maybe)
4. Dina Wedding - everything is ok - waiting for the day only
5. Sue Cantek - her PA has confirmed on the date and time - last week
6. thelace2u - done with bunga telor for my side, pending another set of bunga pahar for Baby's side only that probably will get shaja design to do it as I have no time huhuhu
7. thelace2u - doorgift - done - pending to put in the organza bag and to paste the Thank you note
8. thelace2u - simple deco for hall and house - not yet discuss! (I need time which I need to squeeze my time very much for this T_T)
9. thelace2u - hantaran deco - partly done! great!!!
10. owh yes, pending baju for majlis khatam Al-Quran ~ nnti2 boleh tak yg ni? akak pening dik huhu

Oh yes, nowadays I often go to SPA and facial.hihihi...the intention is to ensure DH tak comot n look stress on that day :)