Monday, October 8, 2012

Nasi goreng masin

Lately nafsu makan makin kurang, sometimes just enough to fill the tummy so it won't sing out loud...

Lunch ni beli ns goreng yg agak masin n Only managed to eat two or three spoon then ni dh rs xmau mkn...haish...

Beli paru goreng pun tak jalan, KFC menu pun sekadar tgk, no appetite...nowadays my allowance was meant to belanja relatives or my nephew, not for maself anymore, except for milo ice...tu laju je minum...xpelah, at least i won't accumulate higher cholesterol during my pregnancy...insyaallah...

Till here...

Friday, October 5, 2012


This is my second entry in row for i'm waiting for hubby out from his office which i don't see any sign he may come out anytime let's write hihi

Suddenly, i got this feeling...feeling of misses my old mates in PwC, espcially kak lin, we seldom get in touch lately...even that i do miss her so much...i hope she is doing fine n good...

Ok hubby's out...write again later...


2nd Trimester

Alhamdulillah, as time goes by I am still here being so grateful with all the up and down in life.
After almost a month I didn't have the time to write and here I am today with passion to write and update what went through during the absence.

Lets begin (big grin), I received a very thanful news during the holy month. That i was conceived! Alhamdulillah, I made the test after 2 days late and was crying so badly the morning I saw the result from the test kit. I woke my husband up but no words could express other than my hand showing him the result with tears, he was bit blur seeing me and keep rubbed his eyes trying to figure out what was happening while his hand grab mine to look at what i was showing. And he said 'ape ni?' I was like err can't he read? Hehehe

Then i manage to explain and he said ok alhamdulillah and continue sleeping. After a while he joined me watching tv at the living room and asked how accurate the test kit...hahaha he can't sleep!

After 4 days, i had a brownish symptom and during my visit to the gynae, he gave folic acids togather with the duphaston to strengthen the embryo. But after 2 days, theres red blood clog seen and we rushed to see the gynae again. I was given one week mc just to get rest and not to do hard house chores. Gotten 2 times japp and another japp the following 2 weeks were the most 'tak best' things! Sigh

Alhamdulillah, today is my 13 weeks pregnancy and just under the 2nd trimester. Acoording to the gynae, its safer and stable stage as to compared to 1st trimester which need to be extra carefull. Especially as I had the bleeding n brownish case.

At glance, some may notice my baby bump but some may not. It keep growing each day and frankly speaking i need new wardrobe! Sob sob...i can't fit my jeans since day 1 i got the news and everything was explained as i keep mumble whenever trying to button. I thought i have put on weight apparently there's a baby growing in my womb (wink wink)

My last visit to gynae, despite being a super-dooper grower, the baby's body is still far behind the antonishing growth of their amazing brain. In other words, its still a bobble-head hahaha...but at this stage its also actively reheasing "breathing" by inhaling and exhaling to prepare the lungs for future air respiration. As the gynae start the ultrasound session, i watching the baby's head up and down and its just a happy baby and actively moving after mommy had chocolate to fill in the poor tummy hehehe..but the most important thing, the baby is healthy and stable, alhamdulillah

Well next scheduled visit is on the 11 oct, to undergo the down-syndrom test. I refuse to but daddy insist...why complaint when he is paying hahaha..

Till here, doakan kesihatan saya...


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ramadhan Al Mubarak


Its my first ramadhan as a wifey ;)
It wasn't too bad being a career wife, daughter, n full time wife.

And yeah, we are now staying at our own crib in Mont Kiara. Probably i should be updating more about our small little crib. But i need to find gud time as time is my constraint. All i wanna do during my free time is resting instead of going out or do anything else as i assume i have less rest *hehe*

now i am more keen to cook western food as hubby likes those type of food. In fact even before we both move out and stay by ourselves, he warned me that he dont wanna take rice. Oh god!

Well n well, nothing to worries, just a click away to get all recipes from the net and start cook (^^)v

Till here...see ya in the next entry

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Assalammualaikum, Lots of things kept playing in my head...n lots of things i wish to do...well yeah, some day i'll ascertain things to happen the way i want it to happen, insyaallah... I want to start my craft thingy again...i wAnt to start earning extra more than what i had now so that i'llbe able to give hands to others...better living for better future, insyaallah....

Monday, May 21, 2012

After 5 months

Assalammualaikum, Aha...its r u world? As for me, im doing good...well well well, its takes me months just to update my health...what to do...time constraint (eceh) Alhamdulillah, i enjoying my life as a wife days more than ever...n its really amaze me when i have no complaints on anything...alhamdulillah...i don't feel tired on house chores(maybe because i only needs to do it over the weekend hehehe)on managing hubby's things or even on office work...ya i became matured Wife, daughter n lady day by day... I appreciate more things, i appreciate time spent with hubby, and i appreciate time spent with family...i appreciate n love my family even focus is totally different when i give my priority to others instead of to myself... that's the truth.. Planning for our future is our focus...alhamdulillah... Hope to give more updates soon! Take care! P/s: but i realize one thing that will stay be the most malas thing for me.....its to upload piccas...ops! I'm sowii hihihi