Friday, July 30, 2010

Today is Friday the 30th July 2010

I tak tahu kenapa at times, we tend to feel unhappy and even feel lost! with no reason. Kalau kite beritahu orang lain, of course they may say, oh biasa lah perempuan. But for me it's not that, I woke up early in the morning today, do all the routines, drove to the office, and today ikot jalan lain because yesterday I was caught in the jamm and smp office lambat. I still feel ok, but when you sit on your chair, switch on your lappy to start what's new for today, get the milo from machine, read the newspaper, read emails and started feel like...wanna cry....what on earth!

I just feel unhappy...I need to attend a meeting on this coming tuesday..I just don't have heart to go...thats what I felt lately...I have the heart to push myself to keep move on and don't give..I need fresh air with fresh nurture environment which I know my expertise and skills can be well develop happily...

I did told my friends, kalau ikotkan hati i ni, nak je i tender my resignation letter. But bile fikirkan balik nak kahwin...nak buat itu ini...I put my second thought...urghhh....harap2 ada la rezeki i kat mana2....i just cant stand to be in here anymore...totally sick!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

dup dap dup dap

Everyone in the office keep wondering and impatiently waiting 31 it's our BONUS day!!!!!
not only them including me..some of the abang in filing room did asked whether I know how much will the bonus for this year...ergh...abang, me also staff like u and not from HR and got no idea or no good source to get the details...but according to the leadership team...the increments and bonuses will be better than last year...YES IT SHOULD PLS....

I need to start my saving critically and with discipline to ensure IT gonna happen as what I want it to be happen...hehehe...what IT?

wait and see...hahahaha

Is back - fuhhh

Salam semua,

I am happy as now I decided to be back blogging seems like really long time to have the feeling to blog again. This feeling came after read few blogs recently until seems like I have so many things to do and to let out. hehe...and last post was about RAYA..and now, fasting month is just around the corner...and it looks like the mood for fasting and RAYA is here again...hahaha

well well....good start dilla....and to share more and more soon.