Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ramadhan Al Mubarak


Its my first ramadhan as a wifey ;)
It wasn't too bad being a career wife, daughter, n full time wife.

And yeah, we are now staying at our own crib in Mont Kiara. Probably i should be updating more about our small little crib. But i need to find gud time as time is my constraint. All i wanna do during my free time is resting instead of going out or do anything else as i assume i have less rest *hehe*

now i am more keen to cook western food as hubby likes those type of food. In fact even before we both move out and stay by ourselves, he warned me that he dont wanna take rice. Oh god!

Well n well, nothing to worries, just a click away to get all recipes from the net and start cook (^^)v

Till here...see ya in the next entry