Monday, July 7, 2014

Mid of 2014

Ops!!! I havent had ample time to update any activities of my life. And's mid of the year already... And my life had completely change from being a wife, and now being a mother to cuddly bubbly little daughter named Adelia Erienna Mohd Najib. She is now 14-month-year-old...and not even a single second she gave me a time to sit without giving attention to her..oh my!! I havent had any favorite tv nor drama since she was born...but even that, i have no complaint as I am happy mother to spent the whole nite after work with her..Alhamdulillah! it is Allah gift..and i am so bless having her in my life... till here...and we may see again soon! InsyaaAllah~ and here im sharing the pic of adelia when she was still a baby (as these are the pic i ihave in the save at the moment hehe) enjoyyy!!