Monday, August 30, 2010

Risau datang lagi

Early August I made a call...a call to block andam diary for my wedding...PA andam tu was so surprise as the Big is a year to go and yet me so early...tapi apa pun, I believe by making a dot a day will make a straight line in the, thats why dari sekarang dah start buat apa2 yang patut for my wedding...

Actually, it takes around 3 weeks to heal the nervous accepting the fact that I'm getting married...entahlah, orang lain tu rilek jer, I plak yang nebes semacam...then dah rasa ok, but today, PA tu call ckp i kena byr deposit sbb dh ramai yang tanya utk date i to confirm i nak date tu, kn la make payment...Ok la...but then i dah start risau lagi...adoii....

kalau setiap kali satu benda tu nak jadi I risau...ape ke hal nye...sabar la move into another new phase of life, semua benda kena terurus dan ada kesabaran yang tinggi...insyaallah semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan ku....

Ada Hikmahnya

Today, nak katakan banyak kerja tak juga, my 60F tax comp dah selamat sampai atas meja manager for her review. Today, manager bagi semua malay staff kuih raya...haha..nak ambil ati la tu...ape pun, thank u sebab cuba ambil hati kami2 ni....

Then, in the afternoon ada set off for 4 clients and kena pegi IRB...dalam keadaan hujan yang baru nak turun tu...packing my stuff and get ready to go...but before tu I dapat rasa something is not rite..pandangan tiba2 rasa kembang, macam terlalu banyak cahaya, sampai nak tengok screen and nak baca the words pun kena blink banyak kali baru bole baca...then start sakit kepala....dan teringat orang kata, try tengok pokok hijau yang jauh...and I tried...but yelah, from 19th floor mana ada pokok kan...yg ada bumbung bangunan so what i can do was looking down at the green area accross the street...but time tu tak berapa nak sakit tengok kejap je , angkat beg and jalan utk ke IRB...

But it became even worse while driving back in a heavy rain..rasa macam nak cabut kepala jap and tepok2 supaya tak sakit...smp ofc try lg tengok pokok from the above...and yes it works! sedang tengok pokok hijau, and menghayati view bangsar...terasa...setiap kejadian yang Allah ciptakan di muka bumi MEMANG ada pokok2, bukan hanya sebagai bekalan O2, tapi sebagai tempat berteduh juga dan ia berwarna hijau bukan sebab apa2, tp sebab ia satu warna yang mendamai kan....

Tapi sayang, tak banyak lagi kawasan yang mengekal kan warna2 hijau mahupun pokok2 semulajadi yang  banyak dalam pembangunan insfrastruktur nya....jika ada pun, semua pokok yang ditanam semula dan kadangkala ia segan2 hidup tapi mati tak mau...

Apa pun, harap2 I tak lupa di mana kaki ni terus berpijak, dimana langit tu terus di junjung...dan sentiasa bersedia dengan segala cabaran hidup insyaallah...

Dan setiap hari, I tahu setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The fish

Frankly speaking, feeding fishes at the side bar keep my worries away hahaha
who's on earth that has the tremendous idea to come out with that fish thingy...thumbs up!

was actually uploading the pictures  until suddenly realised that the battery was out..sigh!

maybe i should get going to get good sleep tonite...nite nite



today is sunday, and occupied half of the day by updating the blog..i am new bie here (even this blog was born in 2009) thus a lil too slow to catch up things hehehe...

btw, it looks alive for now....and I am thinking to keep it alive more and more
till here...taaa

Saturday, August 28, 2010

faces of Love - along the way

beloved parents at adik's convo

Banana Jones

caught to be standing while the ustaz recite doa

we are happy to be reunited and look forward again
naj's convo

Ammar with nenek, trying to let him off - noty

owh, I can walk !

new member - good boy : Ameer Farhan

nieces & nephew - so cute

:: lots of lurve ::

Friday, August 27, 2010

::: Indeed :::

:: the wedding bell ::

which one comes first?

  1. Theme?

  2. Andam?

  3. Catering?

  4. Venue?

  5. Nervousness?

  6. Hantaran?

  7. RM?
Hehehehe...I pick No. 7 definitely.....but for sure, me nervousness towards the day...His side, they booked the my side? still puzzle where on earth the wedding should be held?
dilla will update for more ~~~

rosses r just so sweet

so interesting to share....
lots and lots and lots in my head to put in, but...time constraint! ugh ~ 

rare color I guess

pelamin by rinssuzana

I need to dream a lot start from now....heeee


The big is still long wayyyyyyy to go....but I am unhappy as I havent got the theme for that day...

COlor? many that looks great...gosh!

come on dilla, decide one!



I woke up in the morning, at 445 and had lots of things in mind for today (sigh).
  1. My 60F tax computation that waiting additional info from client need to be follow up
  2. The IAFG 2010 reward's cheques need to be prepare and sign of f by the signatories by 10am - oh I havent prepare even one cheque hehehe
  3. After so long, I need to update the book keeping for KSP - or else I might killing myself by end of the day when the auditor start to do the auditing. 
  4. Calling the bank for the confirmation - owh sorry Auditors as I havent had time to do this hehehe
  5. Proposal - 2nd review to Prof
  6. Rindu pada Ammar - noty boy
  7. JobStreet - any update? hihihi
  8. Mission to be early to the office - oh oh oh this is SO important, I want to go bath now

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

..upgrade mode..

I had really challenging weeks for last 2 to 3 weeks back. Feeling depress, sad, and 1st time ever I feel like 24 hours a day wasnt enough to go through the daily routine as employee as student as daughter as sister and even as gurlfren of someone...but even so, i noticed that am ready to face and to go through all the process everyday regardless as if i feel sooo damn exhausted or even feel like crying but i managed to make it done as it should be (greatfulll). And realise that i am getting matured each day (had wrinkle and better thought - either way that make me feel that i am matured hehe). and the best thing that i havent miss to do during this ramadhan is to go back early everyday just i didnt have time to go to surau to perform tarawikh everyday as some of the days am a student and need to be in the class.

as such, now i believe that age is not just a number. it play roles for me and i believe to everybody we getting senior (notice that i didnt use the word older hehe) we tend to think what is best for others and also for ourself. we tend to think much of our parents welfare, siblings, the other half, the other half's family, friends, and even trying not to be selfish and will always try to put ourselves in others' shoes too. we realize that relationships brings so much meaning to our life and the implication of breaking it resulting depressing and sadness to the entire life i believe.  like for me, i always put my thought to others first rather than myself. not to mentioned that such showing i am good, but this is how i feel. i hope it's a good thing..

well well well, it's time to shut the eyes and recharge the brain for tomorrow as tomorrow is just another fullfilling day that i need to attend to hehehehe....

nite nite

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

oh oh oh !!

Salam Ramadhan kepada semua umat islam....

Bercerita tentang ramdhan, terasa ada sikit kelaianan pada ramadhan kali ni....kalau dulu, after sahur sure nak tdo blk and end up pegi ofc lmbt...but kali ni, tak tdo pun after sahur and always early to ofc..alhamdulillah...dpt solat awal...kalau dulu still last far, alhamdulillah tak pernah lg skip sahur....terasa nikmat bersahur berbanding dulu...alhamdulillah ~

Harap2 keberkatan ramadhan di berikan untuk saya dan keluarga dan seluruh umat islam dan membawa kebaikan yang berterusan....insyaallah ~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I keep on talking bout sorrows and how unhappy a person can be lately...the person refers to me hehe...well well well...i wanna TUKAR let's talk about something happy so harap2 my mood pun boleh jadi happy....

Today, Yuran dah settle....fuhh...even penat trn naik KL-SA-KL but at least satu masalah dah selesai...supposely nak pegi esok, and dah amb cuti pun, unfortunately kena Gastric this morning, and after seeing the doc, drove to SA...dan zon bendahari tu dah bertukar ke, no more covered shelter untuk di lalui...tadi betol2 jalan bawah Panahan matahari yg terik tu..adoi...takpelah, Malaysia di hati kan...then thought wanna drop by visiting my fren yg baru deliver baby on the same date of my engagement day but call dia tak angkat pulak...

So...esok nak buat ape? Obviously petang ada kelas derivatives, thari? lemme think....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stress Up!

 1. Proposal for Final Year Project paper

I don't even have anything in mind......not even the title...I have one but it seems so much effort to put in and my advisor rejected last week as the allocated credit hour is only 4 hours...and to dig the new thing within these few days seems impossible as I need to really ensure the research that I really want to venture about...feel like wanna cry!

2. Wedding Hall

My dad has made up his mind to do the ceremony at home only...aaaaaaaaa another stress to me..but mom suggested to coax daddy to make at 2 places, one will be at home and another one will be advise later..Gosh! the 2nd venue should need to be book soon! otherwise, full house...stress stress with preparation....and of course the most stress is $$$$ because all are $$$$$$$...huhu

3. Looking for new job

I just can't stand to be in here any longer...huhu...Ya Allah kau buka kan la pintu rezeki untuk KU di tempat lain...aminnn

4. I need to get a pair of new heels

argh...because my fav heels torn...huaaaaaa...again...$$$$$$

5. I just don't want to be in today's meeting

There'll be a meeting at 2o'clock today, but I am purposely switch off my ST, and stay silently at my place so that the committees' member would not be able to find me...I hate meetingsss.....

6. Yuran for current semester

GOSH! why on earth I need $$$ so badly at one time? owh how I wish $$$ can grow by plant a tree so i just can plug them off everytime I want to use it..

All I want is to be at home but still gain some to go about?

(if you see the object move, that's mean you are stress)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Morning 1st MOnday of August

Hola !

As today is the 1st day of working day in August, I am seriously early to the office...I am 2nd after Peggy...weeehu! I dont know...I still feel reluctant and unhappy to come to work..but somtimes I have an opposite attitude as to where when I feel unhappy, I will try to turn it to be normal by doing it in a right way... ie like MALAS to go to work, but then I wake up more early than usually I do when I dont feel MALAS..sigh!
Like what my manager told me, that I always be positive...ceh!

Well well well...the most awaited day has gone...and turned out to be most frustrated day ever after for this is not what we (refer to me and my dept-mate) expected it to be...and me more eagerly to look for other job...told my mom this morning...she said "solat and berdoa banyak2 supaya boss tu lembut hati"...bole? adoiii..mama this is only the begginning....I believe it will continously to be happen next year and another year and years ahead...huhu

Okay, as today is the 1st day of august, I should be more energetic for career (sigh) so pls stop complaining and fasten your seat belt and start doing your work to find new job hahahahaha

Hopefully there will be a light at the end of the tunnel ~

Love mama and abah!